London holds host to some fantastic music venues. I’m sure if you are reading this blog you have seen your favourite band play in at least one of these iconic places.

Some of my happiest memories stem back to when I was a teenager watching my idols perform.

Iconic Venues

I remember visiting venues such as the Astoria, The Forum in Kentish town and Brixton Academy to watch bands like Ugly Kid Joe, Def Leppard and Alice in Chains.

The feeling and the adrenalin of live music is something you can’t explain. For those two hours, we forget about the stresses and strains of life and lose ourselves in the moment.

That’s the power of music; it stirs the soul and our emotions.

I’m sure many of you reading this have in the past, or currently are in a band. Of course, we can only dream of playing these iconic venues in the future, but for now, it’s the local pubs and smaller venues.

With London having such a diverse and thriving music scene, opportunities are sometimes just around the corner, and you need to grasp them quickly.

Maybe you are competing in a battle of the bands, or you have wind that a representative from a record label will be present. You’ll want to come across as a professional outfit.

First impressions count, you very rarely get second chances in life and particularly in the music industry.

You’ll want to look and sound like a professional from the off, and that’s where we can help.

We can supply you with a drum kit that will be sure to turn heads with our drum kit hire service.

We Are Here For You

Whether you need a kit for a gig, a recording session or a function, we’ve got you covered with drum kits from some of the top manufacturers in drumming.

So, follow your dreams, be that person who steps out on one of the many famous London stages.

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