We believe that drums should sound great all of the time and tuning plays a significant part in this.

Tuning drums can be a tricky process, and many people get put off due to their lack of knowledge on the topic.

There are many factors to the overall sound of drums. Drumheads and room acoustics all play a part, and a lot of the time experimentation is the key to finding your ideal sound.

Once you have decided on what drumheads you prefer, it’s important to get the tuning right to make the drum perform at its best.

Some people enjoy the challenge of this, while others prefer to seek some advice.

If you struggle with tuning and require some assistance, why not let us come and tune your drums.

Once completed, you can be sure that your kit will be back to sounding to its full potential.

Get in touch with us today and hear the difference!

* If on inspection new drumheads are needed. These will be at an additional cost.